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The Why

I created Texture Planet because initially, I was shocked about the quality of some textures out there. Some were shot at 1/60 – hand held, which would sometimes work out for a simple photograph, but is totally not suitable for any kind of work. No. I felt that the world deserves better.

The Goal

My goal is to create a great resource for anyone who is looking for a quality Texture.
I hope to improve upon the quality of the textures in time ( by getting a steadier tripod, and maybe a non-crop DSLR some day ), but currently I’m doing the best I can with Prime Lenses and my Gorillapod. I have a few handheld shots there as well, but I can promise you that all my future shots are going to be f5.6 – f11 and shot on a tripod only :).

About the site right now

What you see there right now is the initial version. I am not completely satisfied with it and I see tons of space for improvement, but I’m publishing it as it is right now so I could improve based on feedback and not only what I think would be best. I have only 41 textures uploaded right now, so I have a lot of work ahead of me, so I’ll be switching from developer mode to photographer and back every now and then.

I have my best hopes for Texture Planet right now, and I hope that you can help me spread the word.




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