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I shot a bunch of Cardboard textures tonight. All it took was a little bit of cardboard, a little bit of light, and a lot of patience. Somehow it took a lot longer than I  thought it would, but at least it’s done now. I started off by shooting the super-macro shots and warmed up shooting some supermacro foam core shots (please correct me if that isn’t foam core, I have the assumption that that is how foam core is supposed to look like). After shooting a lot of macro, I took all the pieces that I had made up until then and shot them all together to create a shot with just bits and pieces of a cardboard ( who knows, maybe that’s exactly somebody needs ? ).

On a side note – this actually reminds me, that I should put up a Contact form soon, because I really want to hear your feedback on well – everything, but particularly I want your suggestions on what textures are you looking for, so I can look for them.

Okay. So this is my setup shooting the macro shots (that’s not a Macro lens, that is a 35mm Nikorr 1.8 lens, when I shot the “group view” of all the bits and pieces).


The Supermacro textures have very shallow depth of field, even when I was shooting with F16 to F22. I tried shooting F45 at some point, but my 105mm Sigma EX DG OS HSM doesn’t perform so well at 45. I loose a lot of sharpness, and sharpness is what I’m going after here at Texture Planet.  So I had to stay at F11 – F22 range, so I moved to F8 – F11 and had a little step back, and I think the textures came out just fine.

I couldn’t figure out the lighting (I’m still learning how to light small spaces) so there are shadows, and besides – all I have are 3 hot lamps with stands that I made myself (which are really – not that good). Still – we have to live with what we have:


Stepped back a bit with the camera, and shot that. Teared up bigger pieces of cardboard, hanged them down like that and just did a lot of shooting.


p.s. I call some things “Supermacro” because it’s really what it is. a 105mm lens 15centimeters (about 6 inches) from the object. The magnification is magnificent 🙂 – but the DoF is almost uncontrollable.




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